Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Friends Can Become Your Enemy

Asssalamualaikum, hey, hello,hi my beloved followers, friends, family n u awesome people. Today I am trying to be as energetic as possible to be extremely positive. Why, sometimes, when a people have a problems, they choose to escape from a problem? And sometimes, when we are a good friends, but suddenly you broke the relationship? I don't know what is your problem, but it is really annoying friends. Unfortunately.

Yeah, like the old saying, we have the same black hair, everyone know, but we have a different heart, people around you never know what are you thinking. But Allah always saying, good thinking is the best solution. Please be a gentleman. Please be a matured as your age friends. Remember, a world that we live now is small, whenever you go, we can find. And we are not always at the top, sometimes we at the lowest, and that time, you need your friends. Whatever you do, whatever you say, only Allah know. If i make a wrong with you, i am really sorry. We are still a friends after this, but there are a border between us.

“Maka apakah kiranya jika kamu berkuasa kamu akan membuat kerusakan di muka bumi dan memutuskan hubungan kekeluargaan? Mereka itulah orang-orang yang dilaknati Allah dan ditulikanNya telinga mereka, dan dibutakanNya penglihatan mereka.”

A search for a soul,a soul searching. a soul searching for a moment in time..

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