Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nikon D600 Vs CAnon 6D - War Of Budget Full Frames

The full frame wars are hotting up and what used to be a feature confined to the pro marketplace has now found its way into the prosumer marketplace simultaneously from the top two manufacturers. The high cost of CMOS sensor production was the catalyst for ‘crop’ frame APS-C cameras but now that these costs have reduced we can finally get back to the way things are meant to be, the way they always were with film cameras and a 35mm film. This is an exciting time in the industry and I’m happy to say that both Canon and Nikon appear to have delivered some great products for their first foray into ‘affordable’ some may even say ‘cheap’ full frame cameras, though that is a relative opinion!

So lets look a diffrerences both of these two cameras. You have your own right to choose, but i still prefer a NIKON ! hee !

Sign From Our Fans In Indonesia

Okay. Asssalamualaikum, hey, hello,hi my beloved followers, friends, family n u awesome people. Yesterday, someone sent a message to me at the zahara facebook fan page, She sent her picture with a sign 'ZAHARA" at her hand. Huiyooooooooooooo ! Hee. We really appreciate, especially when she is from Indonesia. Yeah, different country, but we still in one words, 'KITA SERUMPUN". Thank friends. Wants to know her more? This is her facebook "'sand' Sii Insomniaa". Thank you :) we will also upload your photo at our facebook.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Moamen Qreiqea

Freelance photographer Moamen Qreiqea is determined to keep working after losing both legs in an Israeli airstrike of Gaza.The father of two is determined to continue his career despite his disability. He is palestinians. How about us, a Malaysians? We live in a peaceful country, we have a perfect body, but in 1 day, have you do a da'wah? Or just only wasting our time with talking and playing? Think again my friends :) Enjoy a photo. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Nikon D800 Vs D800e : Different Or Same?

Asssalamualaikum, hey, hello,hi my beloved followers, friends, family n u awesome people. Today I am trying to be as energetic as possible to be extremely positive *lemau sebab cuaca terlalu panas*  Now that both the Nikon D800 and D800e already release by Nikon. But for D800e, I am not sure in Malaysia . Many of my friends are asking whether they should get the Nikon D800 or the D800E.?? Both of D800 and D800e have the same specifications and functions. But D800e is sold at slightly higher compare with the D800. So what's the difference or additional benefit this more expensive model brings?

The difference between D800e and D800 is D800e have a function anti-aliasing filter.Both the D800 and the D800E have low-pass filters, but they behave differently. Typical Nikon low-pass filters actually contain of 3 different layers, as shown on the top illustration below:
I am not sure if the above method is the best way to deal with the issue, but I suspect that Nikon decided to take this route for cost reasons. It would probably be more expensive to produce a single IR absorption filter layer coated on both sides, than continue to use the same layers, but in a different configuration.

So should you pay more to get the E then? If your photography subject is versatile, I would say get the non-E by all means. To most people, the difference made by the anti-aliasing property is negligible, and you really have to magnify to see the difference clearly. For those photography situations where there is no moire pattern to worry about and aliasing is not as much as an important issue as full resolution and sharpness, the E version does offer an advantage. UPGRADE YOUR CAMERA IF YOU THINK IT IS IMPORTANT, NOT FOLLOW THE TREND. Thank You.