Friday, 5 October 2012

D700 Vs D600 : Which camera is better for upgrade

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Hye guys, how are you? Still with your morning blues? Hehe. Alright, in this post we’ll compare the Nikon D600 vs D700 to see if the latter, a classic Nikon DSLR, can still hold its own when compared to the newer D600?


So what are the big differences between the Nikon D600 vs D700? For those interested in video recording, the D600 clearly wins vs the D700. The D600 has 1080p HD video recording, plus a mic socket for an external microphone, and a headphone jack. The D700 does not include video recording. The D700, however, offers more focus points and a much faster maximum shutter speed – 1/8000sec vs 1/4000sec

Both of these two camera are very good with their excellent specifications. If you are a photographer, d700 is the better for upgrade, if you are a videographer, d600 is the best choice for nikon. Nikon DSLRs have a history of being a good investment and providing value for money.
*InsyaAllah still on the plan to have d700 FX ^^ pray for me

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